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Utilities Worker


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Because it is the policy of Levan Town not to charge the General Fund for the Town’s utility usage, these charges are transferred back to the General Fund from the respective Utility Fund.  This information is for the 2019-2020 FY.

ELECTRIC FUND transfer to the General Fund:

$3,600            This represents 1.0% of the funds expenditures.

WATER FUND transfer to the General Fund:

$10,500          This represents 7.0% of the fund’s expenditures.

CABLE/INTERNET FUND transfer to the General Fund:

$510               This represents .31% of the fund’s expenditures.

GAS FUND transfer to General Fund:

$300               This represents .13% of the fund’s expenditures.


The Levan Town Council will hold a Public Hearing on June 19, 2019 at 6:30 P.M. in the Council Chambers at Levan Town Hall, 20 N. Main, for the purpose of taking public comment on the Enterprise Funds transfer to the General Fund to be in compliance with Utah State’s Municipal Enterprise Fund Amendment.

Levan Town Utility fee schedule: (effective date February 2018)

New Customer Set-up Fee $25.00

New Hook-up Fee-Electric $1,300.00

New Hook-up Fee-Gas       $1,100.00

New Hook-up Fee-Water   $1,100.00


Purchase of Small Garbage can $94.23

Purchase of large garbage can $407.22

Monthly Garbage fee:     $15.00 small-Town garbage can           $31.25 large-Town garbage can

                                       $21.25 small-County garbage can        $37.50 large-County garbage can

Utility Rates effective July 1, 2018

Electric Rates:

Base Rate Residential:   $7.00 per meter

Residential:          .0886

Base Rate Commercial: $10.00 per meter

Commercial:        .0886

Double Usage:    .1772

Irrigation Wells:   .0311

Gas Rate:

Base Rate:    $7.00

Usage Rate:  Fluctuates Monthly based on current gas price

Water Rates:

Winter Rate (Zero Usage):    47.00 per meter

Base Rate  $27.00 per meter for up to 5,000 gallons

$0.70/1,000 gallons (up to $10.50) 5,000-20,000 gallons

$0.80/1,000 gallons (up to 16.00) 20,000-40,000 gallons

$1.10/1,000 gallons over 40,000 gallons

Non-metered water:     $10.00 per 1,000 gallons


Xpress Bill Pay is now available for Levan Town Residents to use to manage their Utility Account.

Click on the link below to set up your account and get started.