Election Information


Levan Town conducts Vote By-Mail Municipal Elections.  In this type of election all registered voters receive a ballot in the mail and then cast their vote by mailing the marked ballot back or by returning it to Levan Town Office.    


Click the link below for

the Notice of Municipal Offices

to be voted on in the

General Election November 2, 2021


Declaration of Candidacy Period Information


2021 Notice of Municipal Offices in November Election

Candidates who have filed for the 2021 Municipal


4-year Mayor Position (1)

Rachelle A. Baxter  435-660-1079 / [email protected]

Bruce C. Rowley 435-250-0104 / [email protected]

Cassi Richmond  801-824-1746 / [email protected]

Steve Hone  801-376-2861 / [email protected]

Garrick A. Hall 435-232-1117 / [email protected]

4-year Council Position  (2)

Ray M. Evans   385-448-6454 / [email protected]

Chris Webb 801-864-3061 / [email protected]

Patrick J. Baxter  435-610-6577 / [email protected]

John Guerra  253-709-5908 / [email protected]

Financial Disclosures

To view the candidates financial disclosure, Click on the

Link below:


Please Take Note:

The General Election voting deadline will be in November.

Watch for your Ballot to come in the mail toward the middle October, follow the instructions to cast your vote, and then return it promptly!