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Yes, your pampered pooch needs to be licensed in the Town of Levan. The licenses must be renewed each year by September 1st. Licenses will be considered delinquent after October 1st of each year, and a penalty fee of 50% will be added to the license fee due. When you apply for a license, you will be required to show proof that your dog has a current rabies vaccination.

The current license fees are:

Male/Female-Neutered/Spayed.... $10.00
Late Fee $15.00
Male/Female - Unneutered/Unspayed $15.00
Late Fee $22.50

Dogs (and cats) can receive their vaccinations AND get their licenses all at once at our yearly "Vaccination Clinic" held in August each year. This makes it super convenient for you to get all of your pet's vaccinations from a veterinarian and have your dogs licensed.

Dog license forms can be found at the Town Office, or by clicking below:

Dog License information sheet

Dog License information sheet fillable form

Bring your completed form and payment to the Town Office along with proof of rabies vaccination.

Animal Control Officer:  Cassie Richmond 801-824-1746