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Location: 400 South 600 East Levan, Ut. 84639

Visit the ArcGIS Levan Town Cemetery Map or  Names in Stone website for detailed cemetery information and maps of the Levan Cemetery.

For the Cemetery Policies and Procedures, click below:

Cemetery Policies and Procedures 2019 Booklet

For the Cemetery Information Sheet, click below:
Cemetery Information Sheet

Cemetery-Information-Sheet fillable form

Right to Burial

New Purchase: Cemetery-right to burial-new purchase

Cemetery-right_to_burial-new_purchase (2) fillable form

Transferral: Cemetery-right to burial-Transferal form

Cemetery-right_to_burial-Transferal_form fillable form

Cemetery Fee Schedule

Effective May 1, 2019


Residential Prop. Owner                                           Resident                               Non-Resident

Burial Right (Includes Perpetual Care)                        $150                                      $600

Open/Close fee                                                            $200                                      $300

Infants/Cremains                                                         $100                                      $150

Exhumations                                                                $1,200 minimum                 $1,200 minimum

Weekend-Saturday (additional)                                 $0                                          $300


Buy Back Price                  Purchased Before 1992                        $25

                                           Purchased Between 1992-2018           $50

                                           2019 forward                                       current purchase price less $50 admin. Fee


Transfer Burial Rights                                                                 $25 per right transferred

If you have any changes to information we have in our cemetery records please call
(435) 623-1959 or e-mail changes to [email protected]

Thank You!