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Closed Fire Season Reminder

Closed Fire Season

Utah State law (65A-8-211) specifies June 1 – October 30 as closed fire season. This means that open fires are not allowed. Agricultural burns, defined as fence lines on cultivated lands, canal or irrigation ditch banks, are allowed with notification of the nearest fire department. This means no burning of weeds or garbage of any kind from June to the end of October. Exemptions can be made if special circumstances exist, however this is rare, and a permit is always required. Illegal burning is considered a class B misdemeanor, anyone lighting a fire is responsible for any damage that the fire causes and may be responsible for the cost of suppression. If a fire does get out of control, please call 911 immediately. The sooner the fire department is made aware of the problem the easier it will be to control; we don’t bill for innocent mistakes. If you have any questions about fire or obtaining a burn permit please call or text Chief Garrick Hall, 435-232-1117.