Election Information


Levan Town conducts Vote By-Mail Municipal Elections.  In this type of election all registered voters receive a ballot in the mail and then cast their vote by mailing the marked ballot back or by returning it to Levan Town Office.    The Lt. Governor’s Office, which oversees elections in Utah, supports the choice to conduct a Vote by Mail election.

Candidates who filed for the 2017 Municipal Election:

Mayor:  (1 position)

  • Corey B. Christensen
  • Mike Morgan

4-year Council Position  (2 positions)

  • Ray Evans
  • Clifford Christensen

2-year Council Position  (1 position)

  • Bruce Rowley


Declaration of Candidacy Forms or Nomination Petition must be filed in person

with the Town Clerk at 20 North Main

between the hours of   8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m   Monday – Thursday  (435-623-1959)


by contacting the Town Clerk

by email or phone when the office is not open

between the hours of:   8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.   Monday – Friday

to make arrangements to file in person

Phone: (435) 681-0111
Email: ehone.levantown@gmail.com

Filing Period:  June 1 to June 7. 2017 (5 pm)

Please Take Note:

We will not have a Primary Election in Levan.  The General Election voting deadline will be in November.

Watch for your Ballot to come in the mail toward the middle of October, follow the instructions to cast your vote, and then return it promptly!